Getting the Big Idea with a Common Goal

Enroll with us and learn Essential, Practical and Up-To Date Chiropractic Continuing Education


Getting the Big Idea with a                         Common Goal

Enroll with us and learn Essential, Practical and Up-To Date Chiropractic

Continuing Education


CCEU - State Board CA Approved Provider

The Chiropractor Continuing Education Units Mission isChiropractor Continuing Education Units’ mission is to provide continuing education with professional development training courses that are current, and evidence based for licensed Doctors of Chiropractic and relevant to the health care needs of the public.

Core Values CCE Units Provider:

Integrity - We expect individuals to conduct themselves with honesty, trustworthiness, and respect for others and the profession.
Success - We seek a culture that supports the highest level of achievement for all; Doctors of Chiropractic, Staff and Community.
Diversity - We embrace diversity realizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success.
Service - We support and recognize service at all levels of the institution. We strive to contribute to the benefit of the Doctor of Chiropractic, the community, the profession, and the patients we serve.
Collegiality - We seek to create personal, professional and collegial relationships characterized by honesty, collaboration, inclusiveness, flexibility, and respect.

Encourage- an environment that attracts, nurtures, and supports diversity and sensitivity to differences in learning skills, styles, ideas and beliefs.


Reasons why you should attend our seminars:

  • 12 Hour Required Subjects “One Day” California Approved CE's - Classroom or Distance Learning
  • Save Money when you Purchase 24 Hr. Package. 12 Classroom + 12 Distance Learning= 24 CEU’s
  • 24 Hr. Package will include all required State board Subjects and 5 Hrs. Radiology so that you can use it for your Radiology CEU.
  • We Offer required Course Ethics either in Class or by Distance Learning
  • All our Seminars are California State Board Approved
  • Competitive Price and affordable
  • We Don’t Complicate the Class Courses we offer no tracks we just make it a simple process
  • Special Discount for Retired Doctor of Chiropractic
  • FREE 24 Hrs. CEU for 1st Year DC Graduates* Call for details
  • FREE For students of Chiropractic
  • Special Discounts for Doctors of Chiropractic 2-3 Years in Practice* Call For Details.

Leading Edged Advanced Modern Speakers and Subjects

Our seminars are distinguished from most other Continuing Education Programs because all attendees leave our Seminars with the most recent knowledge in diverse topics that will enhance their skills for a readily acceptable success.

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Some of the best resources to enhance our chiropractic profession and practice is by learning from our peers at an in-person teaching experience.

Live Chiropractic Seminars expose us to other experienced and renowned chiropractic professionals, allowing a wealth of information on Chiropractic Education to be shared and learned. Because of the benefits that Chiropractic Seminars upon practicing D.C.’s, this may be one of the reasons why many state chiropractic-licensing boards continue to require licensed Chiropractors to complete the majority, or half, of their continuing competency through in-person events, or live Chiropractic Seminars.

Get engaged in Live Seminars!

Get Involved in Hand-On Training!